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Ayoka is a Rising Star in Her Own Lane

Ayoka is an up and coming artist with a unique sound that combines styles and sounds effortlessly. 90s influence combined with alternative sounds, Ayoka is able to demonstrate her creativity as an artist by using unique beats. She is a DMV-based artist who plays multiple instruments and writes her own songs.

Ayoka’s latest song “Weekend” has over 70,000 streams on Spotify and has a triumphant beat coupled with Ayoka’s melodic flow and storytelling lyrics. “Weekend” is definitely a girl power anthem that instills confidence in its listeners. Ayoka prides herself for being relatable to her fans and aims to reach her audience on an emotional level with her lyrics by creating a unique experience with her sound. By creating an emotional connection with her fans through her music Ayoka is sure to become a rising star in music this year.

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