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Bigg $oho F.A.B is an upcoming artist coming out of Hempstead, NY. He is an artist with a story. Big $oho F.A.B describes his life in the following way:

"Been through lows, tryna see what highs is, LA FAMILIA is what defines me, LOYALTY, Lost Momma Love at the age of 14, learned real quick to most people, love is just a word. So worry about your breesh. I don't talk much so I let my music talk for me. It tells you everything you need to know, what I been through, what I been doing, values. Get to know me through my art."

Big $oho F.A.B has a unique style that is showcased on his latest single "Can't Touch This". "Can't Touch This" features a sample from the classic track by MC Hammer. It is catchy and has the aggressive feeling of drill with melodic elements mixed in. Big $oho F.A.B has a cool way of presenting himself on a record that is both laid back and aggressive.

Listen to "Can't Touch This" below:

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