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Bravo Drops 'Stamp Me Real 2'

Bravo's new project 'Stamp Me Real 2' brings powerhouse East Coast style and shows why Roselle, NJ is a force to be reckoned within the music industry. Roselle has brought us numerous up and coming stars this past year such as Cruch Calhoun and the rap group MTM. Bravo is next up out of Roselle.

'Stamp Me Real 2' tells a story of Bravo's come up with hard hitting tracks like "Freestylo Pt. 3". "Freestylo Pt. 3" highlights Bravo's ability to ride a beat and lyrical skill. Bravo's able to switch his flow mid record and show versatility over one beat. "Touchdown" is another hot record on the project that demonstrates a completely different flow and sound from the artist. "Touchdown" has a laid-back vibe and a smooth sound that shows contrast in style compared to "Freestylo Pt. 3" which is more high energy. Both tracks have strong bars and demonstrate Bravo's musicality.

"Cause I Can" is the second to last track on the project. The lyrics are gritty and aggressive over a calm and simple beat with a piano melody and a kick snare giving it an old school sound. The beat builds as the track progresses allowing Bravo's lyrics to shine. The hook on "Cause I Can" is addictive and original.

Stream 'Stamp Me Real 2' Below:

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