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Da Bul YD Reps Philly With 88

Da Bul Yd brings his unique Philly sound and style to his new project "88".

"88" is a versatile album that encompasses Da Bul YD's energy as a hustler and solidifies his reputation as a top tier MC. Da Bul Yd says that "the album is titled 88 which represents the year of the hustlas. When hustlas was getting to a dollar, the gold chains, nice cars. That year is also considered the golden era of rap with Rakim, BDP and PE." He wanted the album to shed light on the essence of a hustler and the struggle and grind that it takes to keep rising above all. He has released 3 mixtapes from his "Str8 Off Da Block" trilogy with his producer K. LAWS & engineer RQUE. "88" is his debut studio album representing the pinnacle of his career as an artist and the solidification of his sound and brand.

The variety of styles and sounds Da Bul Yd is able to create on one project are a demonstration of his lyrical and musical skills as an artist. Da Bul Yd is able to paint pictures with his lyricism and create a range of moods throughout the project. "Try'n Get It" featuring K Dot Da Showstoppa is the second track on the album. It demonstrates Da Bul Yd's hard, gritty sound that comes from his Philly roots. The next track, "NBA (Niggas Born Ambitious)" is the most streamed song on the album. This track has a cool, sexy vibe and maintains the same gritty sound in "Try'n Get It" while adding a laid-back element by utilizing longer bars.

As the album progresses, Da Bul Yd shows listeners a different vibe with "Summer Time Vibes" and "Luv 4 the Hustlas". "Summer Time Vibes" perfectly captures the feeling of a summer cookout back in the day. It is Da Bul Yd's version of classic storytelling tracks like "It Was a Good Day" by Ice Cube. "Luv 4 The Hustlas" is reminiscent of New York City sounds from the early 2000s. The sample used in this track gives it a classic Dipset sound with a Philly twist.

Yourplugsfavorite is excited to see what's next for Da Bul Yd as he continues to establish himself as an artist.

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