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VIDEOS In the past decade, female artists have come onto the rap scene from Cardi B to viral sensation Bhad Bhabie. Although there have been numerous female artists the rap genre is missing an all-girl group.

FERRARiROCHER is an all-female trap/hip hop group from New York City. They have created their own genre which combines their individual styles with feminity and aggression. The group consists of BiTTi HuNNi, Carmenza, and Shamedaisy who all grew up together and you can hear their bond through the way their styles blend. Their new single “TALKiNG SH*T” showcases the individual styles and personalities of each artist.

“TALKiNG SH*T” is a girl-power anthem with playful, trap-style lyrics and a fun uptempo beat. Each member of FERRARiROCHER has its own distinct flow and way of expressing themselves. The first verse has a more feminine sound at the beginning of the verse but gets more aggressive as the chorus approaches. The second verse features a mix of playfulness combined with confidence. By the third verse, the lyrics are much more aggressive, cocky, and showcase FERRARiROCHER’s fearless, explicit style. The beat features a strong baseline with a fast tempo hi-hat.

The hook is addictive and this track is sure to be a favorite in your playlist. The video matches the group’s cool and laid back retro style featuring VCR style graphics and a dark color scheme. Watch “TALKiN SH*T” below.

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