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Italian Prada Mulada is The Real Deal

Italian Prada Mulada's latest single, "Not Selling (Kewchie) is a fun, upbeat, and sultry track featuring the strong vocals of Prada Mulada.

Prada stands out from other female artists. She is fun, sexy, and extremely talented. Her lyrics are catchy, and Not Selling (Kewchie) is a hit in the making. The visuals for the song feature bright colors, and Prada is a clown outfit, highlighting the theme of the song and the lyrics. What stands out the most about Prada Mulada is her attention to detail in her visuals as well as her amazing voice.

Many female artists create songs that are easy to sing along with and whisper in the microphone. The engineer then takes over to create the perfect pitch. Prada Mulada has a strong singing voice that is beautiful to listen to on its own. She also has a unique sound of her voice which makes her hit single "Not Selling (Kewchie)" addicting to listen to.

Check out Italian Prada Mulada's latest single "Not Selling (Kewchie)" below!

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