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J. Maro Combines his Brooklyn Roots with Florida Style to Take Over the Rap Game

J. Maro is a versatile lyricist from Brooklyn, New York. He has been living in Florida for half of his life and currently lives in Florida. His style is melodic and fun to listen to, and his lyrics are always positive and meaningful. J. Maro’s style is influenced by Lil Durk, GHerbo, Vory, Jay-Z, and Nas. He uses music as a way to overcome challenges in his life. When he moved to Florida, J. Maro still had a heavy East Coast boom-bap style, and people he met in Florida influenced him to change his style to reflect the Florida culture.

The product of the merging of these two cultures is beautiful. “Self Made” is a prime example of J. Maro’s potential as an artist. Recently we played “Self Made,” and J. Maro’s latest freestyle, “Lowkey,” on the YOURPLUGSFAVORITE Live stream, and the audience fell in love. Artists seek out J. Maro for features because of his unique style and lyrical skills, creating instantly memorable bars. His latest project, "Self Made" reinforces J. Maro's identity as an authentic artist.

Although J. Maro is frequently compared to Lil Durk, his style relies more on lyricism than autotune and accurately combines the best qualities of Floridian artists with the best elements of East Coast rap. With a timeless style that creates addictive records, J. Maro is set to be a favorite of artists and fans of hip-hop looking for a refreshing artist breaking the mold. We can't wait to see what's up next for J. Maro in 2023.

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