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Kay Rhoma's "Came Up" is a New Sound with Detroit Roots

Kay Rhoma’s latest single “Came Up” highlights his unique and original sound as an artist. Kay Rhoma is a Nigerian Born, Detroit-raised lyric

ist who prides himself on creativity and originality. “Came Up” has an uptempo vibe with melodic elements along with lyrics that highlight Kay Rhoma’s voice and cadence.

“Came Up” sounds like it has West Coast influence, however, Kay Rhoma attributes his sound to his Detroit roots. The track is both inspirational and fun to listen to. It’s the perfect anthem for up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs looking to better their lives. Kay Rhoma is definitely next up with over 30,000 views on the “Came Up” video and over 100,000 views on his other single “Prayer”.

Watch “Came Up” Below:

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