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KEY! is making his name known with his new project I Love You Say It Back. KEY! began his career in music busting on to the underground hip hop scene in Atlanta. Part of the collective Awful Records with fellow artists Makkonen and Father, KEY! has always stood out with his sound and style.

KEY! has always been his own genre, as made evident in his older tracks “Look At Wrist”, “Rackades”, and “Give ’em Hell”. He’s been ahead of his time since 2014. KEY! can’t fit in a box and by next year he will emerge as one of the biggest artists out of Atlanta. He’s been featured and produced for a number of artists, such as 21 Savage, O.G. Maco, and Trap Money Benny.

I Love You Say It Back is an emotional project that takes the listener through the mind and heart of KEY! It’s unapologetic, experimental, and goes against current trends creating a new sound, which he commits to throughout all 10 tracks. He displays his uniqueness by managing to utilize a number of sounds with zero features. His last project 777 was produced entirely by Kenny Beats and featured 6LACK, Rico Nasty, Jay Critch, and Skepta. Creating such an individual sound for each song without collaborating with other artists highlights KEY!’s raw talent.

“Spend One Night” is one of the final tracks on the album. It sounds like an 80s pop song with an Atlanta flow over the beat. Nothing about this album can be replicated by another artist. KEY! is in his own lane and he rhymes confidently over every beat on the album with no hesitation. In addition to sounding confident, the placement of his flow over the track always sounds like a natural layer and is never forced.

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