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Moe D is an up and coming artist that is a one-man dream team. YPF recently had a conversation with the artist discussing his vision for his career and his roots.

Your Plugs Favorite: How did you start making music?

Moe D: I’ve been making music since I was 8 years old when I first received a karaoke machine for christmas. When I was 13 I got my own official studio setup. I have dabbled in a bunch of different types of music, where I was able to collaborate with many producers, and release various music projects. In 2017 I released my first official album called Vision. In 2020 I ended up upgrading my studio again where I am now working on some new music.

YPF: “Pray” is your most recent single. What influenced you to make that song?

Moe D: Pray is the second single. I am releasing a single each week until the project comes out. I am making sure that every project makes it clear that I am a man of faith and I share wisdom and some knowledge that I have. It is a song with a lot of power. Mentally I was in a different zone when I recorded “Pray”. I pray everyday and stay connected throughout all my moves. I recommend that everyone pray and always have that connection.

YPF: How do you feel about Artists rapping about violence and negativity?

Moe D: I grew up with that mentality, being violent and aggressive. Personally at this point of my career I'm in a different mindset. I can relate to them because I know where they come from. Eventually those guys coming up are gonna grow out of it. As you grow as a person and evolve as a human being you let go of things that aren't healthy for you. That life brings death or jail. I have big goals. I have a city on my back and if I’m going to get to longevity I have to make sure my daily decisions are good. My mentality has evolved.

YPF: Who are your influences as far as your music?

Moe D: My influences are from all types of music. These people had inspiration in my life: Jay-z, Nas, Eminem, T.I, Lil Wayne. These artists are in my Top Ten as far as hip hop I have listened to and I grew up with.

YPF: What are some elements that you include in your music that make you different?

Moe D: I always try to be as authentic as possible. I always try to go to the studio with a clean slate and an open mind. I usually go off of how I feel on that particular day. My mind is like a melting pot of information that I include in my music. I try to portray life and express my poetry by giving my heart. On top of hip hop and rap music I also do Spanish music including Spanish rap or reggaeton. I don't have a box or ceiling.

YPF: What is your dream feature?

Moe D: For my first official album I would love to feature Alicia Keys, John Legend, singers like that. I feel like once we combine our elements we will create classic material. I love soul and R&B music and feel combining these elements with my style is a perfect fit.

YPF: I know you said you produce. What else do you do for yourself as an artist?

Moe D: In 2017 I started to incorporate my own beats into my own music, and From that point forward I did 100% of everything in the studio. Including: mixing, mastering, producing, basically being a small label on my own. I have always been considered a solo artist. I wanted to show I'm able to do 100% of everything musically. Also, I am constantly networking and collaborating with people.

I feel like teams are necessary but at this point in my career, I’m pretty much a one man show. If you're able to push a role off on someone else, it can help you focus more on lyrics and delivery. I'm always building a team where I can further my career around music.

YPF: Tell us about your next project.

Moe D: Before March 31st the project will be released. Every week I'm going to roll out one single. The single this week is called "Space". I will roll out every week. I will have a music video out in the next week, and others out shortly after. This new project will be called Forever Royalty. Coming soon!

I just want to continue to connect this time, as far as the Pandemic, with faith and my belief that everything happens for a reason. My album (Evolution) was focused on that. I am inspired by guys with big platforms that express positive messages, like Kobe and LeBron. This is an evolution that we're going through. Forever Royalty is the cherry on top of a more in-depth project and continuation of Evolution.

I want to spread the message of positive energy and love in everything I do. Showing love and patience with people only makes the world a better place. I feel I have a higher calling and a higher purpose. I wanna be known for doing great things in music but also known for what I envision outside of music as well.

Check out Moe D at, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube!

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