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Moe D in "Evolution"

Moe D's single "Evolution" combines a unique sound with Cypress Hill influences. The beat on evolution is simple with an old school sound. It contains a piano melody and slow-paced snare. Moe D showcases his vocal skills on this track, going back and forth between singing and rapping. Moe D's flow on "Evolution" further showcases his versatility. The lyrics are very descriptive and contain a lot of storytelling elements.

Moe D uses heavy lyricism with dense bars to tell his story of growth and change. He is definitely a conscious rapper that uses his music to get a real message across. Moe D raps about motivation, faith, and plotting his next move to leave his imprint on the music industry. "Evolution" is an example of a lost art of rap that combines storytelling with intelligent bars that make listeners think.

Stream "Evolution" below:

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