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The untimely death of Pop Smoke left a gap in the rap world. His signature voice combined with his gritty flow is irreplaceable. Pop Smoke’s album release date moved from June 12th to July 3rd. To satisfy fans Pop Smoke’s team released “Make It Rain” featuring GS9’s Rowdy Rebel.

Rowdy Rebel is currently serving a 7-year sentence along with fellow GS9 member Bobby Schmurda. Rowdy recorded his verse on ‘Make It Rain’ over the phone from prison. Hearing Rowdy on the track symbolizes hope and optimism for Pop Smoke fans. We lost Pop Smoke this year, but the track reminds us that Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Schmurda are coming home in December.

This track showcases Pop Smoke’s versatility and it’s sad that fans will never be able to see his full potential realized. Although the track still contains trademark Pop Smoke elements such as mid-bar-emphasis and between-bar pauses, “Make It Rain” is extremely lyrical. Since the hook is simple the verses melt into each other. This creates a build-up leading into Rowdy’s verse.

Rowdy Rebel’s verse starts with the well-known prison “collect call” recording. The verse is high energy and Rowdy rhymes like he has something to prove. The emotion behind the verse lets you know he is ready to come home and take over. Pausing between bars and adding ad-libs show that Rowdy has kept up with trends in rap by integrating BK drill influences.

Stream ‘Make It Rain’ below.

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