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SBF are Young Legends in the Making Looking to Take Over

Same Blood Forever better known as SBF is a young duo of up-and-coming artists based out of New Jersey. The pair which consists of Woods and King2ues recently graduated

high school.

SBF or Same Blood Forever a duo - just graduated high school. They began rapping in 2017 as freshmen in high school and have been consistently booking shows throughout the New Jersey area. SBF has a solid fan base across the East Coast and plans to have shows in Atlanta within the next few months. They also have some exciting features coming up with some of the hottest artists in the Atlanta area.

SBF’s recent single “Lonely” highlights their unique vocal styles and ability to combine different styles into their verses. “Lonely” incorporated melodic elements with fast bars to create an enjoyable song to listen to that is definitely worth a repeat listen. The hook is sure to get stuck in your head and is a perfect song to get ready to or post a selfie to on Instagram.

“Don’t Say Notin’” is the latest single from the duo that shows off a completely different style compared to “Lonely”. It is a darker-sounding track with a greater emphasis on lyricism taking influence from Detroit and Westcoast sounds.

Watch “Lonely” below and look out for SBF’s latest single “Don’t Say Nothin’” Now streaming on all platform.

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