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Sleepy Hallow has quickly become a rising star on the New York rap scene. Brooklyn has been running rap for the past year, making its mark on the industry by pushing the drill sound. Artists such as Fivio Foreign, Sheff G, and Smoove L have made their mark on the industry by combining gritty rap with lyricism and giving us tracks we can dance to.

Sleepy Hallow is a close friend of Sheff G, acquiring fame after numerous features with the fellow rapper. They are both a part of Winners Circle Entertainment Inc., which is an imprint under Empire. When you hear a Sleepy Hallow record the first thing that grabs your attention is his voice. A unique voice in rap is priceless. He’s able to use his voice as an instrument to shape a melody over classic sounding tracks.

Sleepy For President features many tracks that utilize the hip hop foundation of sampling. The rest of the project takes you through a range of emotions and captures what it feels like struggling to make it in New York. Sleepy For President is a perfect combination of upbeat songs, aggressive more traditional drill rap, and somber records that make listeners think about life.

The project starts with one of my personal favorites “Deep End Freestyle,” which has over 42 million streams on Spotify. The ghost-like, high-pitched sample mixed with his trademark voice creates another world for the listener to step into. The first line of the project hits hard with the lyrics “my body be different,” meaning Sleepy Hallow moves different, has his own style, and will never be a follower.

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