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StaySolidRocky is a 19-year-old rising star. His quick rise to fame was supported by social media along with his own promotion of his first video for “Party Girl.” Currently, “Party Girl” has over 10 million combined streams across all platforms and a #21 spot on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. StaySolidRocky, born Darak Figeroa began to release music on Soundcloud when he was 15 years old, going to high school in Virginia. His first upload reached 12,000 streams This was Rocky’s first sign that he was on the right track with his sound. 

StaySolidRocky used Soundcloud and Instagram to build his cult following. He also used Instagram to make small 15 second clips on his story spitting small verses and freestyles. “Party Girl” became a viral hit after Rocky spent money he was saving for a car on the video production and promotion. The video was released on December 24th, 2019, and quickly reached 500,000 views within a few months. Eventually, the video would reach 48.5 million views.

With the success of “Party Girl”, Rocky was then discovered by Solomon Sobande who also discovered XXXtentacion and Ski Mask Slump God. Sobande introduced Rocky to Colombia Records where he signed a deal and the label continued to push the single until it reached the epic success it has today. “Party Girl” has reached #1 on Soundcloud US Top 50 Chart, #2 Spotify US Top 200, #10 Spotify Global Top 200, #9 Apple on music, Top 100 USA, and #50 on US Shazam. Recently Rocky was also chosen to curate Apple’s “The Plug” Playlist. Rocky’s other two singles “Toxic” and “Soft Aggression” also have streaming numbers in the millions.

The chart-topping success of StaySolidRocky is because of his unique combination of creative skills and his natural approach to creating music. “Party Girl” has a laid back, melodic flow on top of a somber, piano-heavy beat. Upon first listen, it sounds like a young, trendy track about partying and having a good time. However, when you take time to listen to the lyrics there is a lot of emotional content, advanced-level wordplay, and storytelling elements packed within the 2 minute and 27-second song.

I recently got the chance to speak with StaySolidRocky and learn more about his creative process and his roots.

IW: Where do you feel your sound comes from? Do you have any influences?

SSR: Growing up my mom used to listen to Bone Thugs and Harmony a lot. I wouldn’t say I have anyone who influences me in rap. I’m into lyricism and my sound is different. I lived in different states growing up and I was around all types of people, all types of music, all walks of life. In my music, I can relate to anybody and everybody. I would rather let my music speak for itself then try to define it or explain it.

IW: How did you first start to gain traction with your music and realize you had a hit?

SSR: The music video for “Party Girl”. I put all my money into that and YouTube Ads. I promoted, promoted, promoted on social media and it happened naturally. Fans helped me to promote it and get it rolling on different platforms. All four-wheel drive. You gotta believe in yourself. I always felt like it could happen. I did my research on him, got an entertainment lawyer and everything just worked out like a puzzle.

IW: What did you think when celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Lil Uzi Vert posted you in their stories?

SSR: Kylie and Uzi posting the song was so dope. I refreshed my page a few times and I got a comment saying Lil Uzi posted me on his page. Everybody was sending it to me on Instagram when I was in the studio. I was like ‘oh that’s good. That’s real good.” I DMed Lil Uzi Vert to thank him for showing love.

IW: Tell us a little about your upcoming EP. Do you have any special process when it comes to making new music?

SSR: When I make music I just let it happen naturally. There is no system or way I make my sound. The EP is gonna show all the different sides of me. Happy side, sad side, angry side, lyricism, storytelling. It’s just a preview of what’s to come and what I’m capable of.

IW: Do you have any advice for other up and coming artists?

SSR: I’ma just keep it plain and simple. When you’re an artist nobody’s gonna care. You have to take yourself serious. You have to make other people care. If you don’t care about yourself and your image and your brand nobody else is gonna care about your brand. You gotta believe in yourself.

StaySolidRocky is carving his own lane in hip hop and has a natural, effortless and unique style. His originality is sure to set him apart from other artists and make him a leader and trendsetter in the upcoming year. We can’t wait to see what StaySolidRocky has in store next.

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