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Jay Furr’s latest single “Suicide” features Fenix Flexin and is a laid-back showcase of his lyrical skill and unique flow. Jay Furr is able to walk on the beat effortlessly and complement Fenix Flexin’s verse perfectly. “Suicide” is a freestyle song with no hook that is easy to listen to and worth multiple repeat listens. Jay Furr has collaborated with artists such as Famous Dex and Splurge. He also has experienced notable success on Tik Tok and has his music posted on WorldStarHipHop. “Suicide” will be featured on Jay Furr’s latest album King Furr which drops on May 20th.

“Suicide” is a fun track to listen to and has a fast pace, making it enjoyable to the listener and very entertaining. Jay Furr does a great job at keeping the listener's attention. By collaborating with his friend and fellow artist Fenix Flexin’, Jay Furr was able to capture the fun and lighthearted side of creating music that successfully showcases the skills of both artists.

Watch “Suicide” Below:

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