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Vic Rivers crossover single "The Haunting" blends rap with rock and emo elements.

Queens native Vic Rivers is bridging the gap with "The Haunting". “The Haunting" features a dark, deep, guitar-based beat behind an old school hip hop flow combined with emo-rap elements. Vic Rivers is extremely lyrical and does not focus on blending in or keeping up with trends. The track also features unknxwn. who is an artist from Athens, Georgia with a similar style. Vic Rivers’ record is extremely expressive and gives listeners a peek inside his mind and emotions. “The Haunting" was produced by Johnny Got Sound at Sound Space NYC in Queens NYC.

Rivers created a collective in 2009 called "Diversity Never Abandoned" or D.N.A for short. This collective focuses on highlighting mental health issues such as addiction and depression. He touches on these heavy issues in his music. The lyrics of "The Haunting" tell a story about a breakup and using drugs to numb the pain of loneliness. Rivers uses tracks like "The Haunting" to examine a difficult period in his life where he dealt with temptation and self-destruction. “The Haunting" has a demonic feel to it and has lyrics that take the listener into Rivers’ nightmares with lyrics like: "Why's life been so hard on me?

Dreamgirl starring in my nightmares every night I fall asleep"

The song gives the listeners a sensation of being out of control, mirroring Vic Rivers’ emotional state when recalling hard times in his life while creating the song. Vic Rivers’ plans to carve his own lane in the rap world by staying true to himself and allowing his music to express his innermost feelings.

Stream "The Haunting" below:

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